Service Direct Aftermarket Warranties

Kalama, Washington 0 comments

Some poor mechanic is hurting from a motorcycle accident, taking serious pain killers and gets this *** in the mail.He calls to inquire and realizes it is a scam.

He gets insulted, and, on heavy duty meds, makes a *** threat. Then, the cops lure him to come into the state by lying to him. When they get him there, they clap him in the slammer. This is an outrage!

The company should be run out of business and the guy should be freed.

Next time you get junk mail with a postage paid return envelope, fill the envelope with shredded paper and mail it back.If everyone does this, we might be able to run these jerks out of business and back to the grill at Burger King or McDonald's where they belong.

Review about: Auto Repair Services.

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